About Us

- Our Motto -  

Innovate. Create. Inspire.

Back in 2009 we saw a lack of innovation in the creative space for children.  Walking down store aisles we continued to see the same uninspiring products.  For us, it sparked an idea, and we decided to do something about it.  We started with a single scented marker, and now we’ve created multiple lines of scented products for kids and adults alike that are trusted by parents and teachers all around the world. 

Every one of our scented products feature innovative scent technologies. Manufactured in the United States, our scents are independently tested to ensure product, quality, and safety, while adhering to the highest International and US regulatory fragrance standards.  We also pride ourselves on only using Non-toxic and Allergen Friendly Fragrances. 

- Our Goal - 

Give kids the tools they need to create.-bouncy-castle-building-01.png width=500; height=500

Experience the bright colors, fun faces, and fruity scents of Scentos, WeVeel’s premier collection of scented markers, crayons, colored pencils and more! Scentos has all the stationery, party, craft, and novelty products your kids will love. Trusted by parents and teachers the world over. By combining innovative scent technologies with high quality products across multiple categories, WeVeel has become the industry leader in scent with Scentos heading the charge. All Scentos Scents are manufactured in the United States and are independently tested to ensure product quality and safety, adhering to the highest international and US regulatory fragrance standards, and allergen friendly fragrances.