DIY Christmas Ornament

Make your Christmas tree extra special this year with your very own, handmade snowman Christmas ornament. That steps are simple and easy!

You Will Need:

- ColorKing Glitter Glue

- ColorScents Scented Super Tip Markers

- Silver String

- Scissors

- White Printing Paper

- Glue

DIY Snowman Ornament

- You will need 8 circles for your snowman's head and 8 circles for your snowman's body. I found one large cap and one small cap I used to trace the outline of the circle. Once you have your circle outlined proceed to cut.

- Fold your circles in half.

- Gather your large circles. Glue one side, of the now half circle, to the other half circle. Continue until complete. 

- Repeat this step with your small circles.

- Before you glue your last paper, place the string in the center and then proceed to glue.

- Cut a thin strip of paper for the snowman's scarf. My scarf was about 1 inch tall. Once dry, wrap around the neck of the snowman and glue the scarf at its intersection.


All Done!

Happy Holidays!