DIY Crayon Utensil Holder

The holiday season is the perfect time to show those around you just how much they mean to you. And who better to show your appreciation to than a teacher?

 Thank a teacher this year with a handmade gift that's straight from the heart!

 Remember, gifts aren't about the price tag. They're about the meaning and love behind them. And there's nothing more personal than a gift crafted by hand. 

Step 1

Gather all the items you will need.

- Sugar Rush Highlighters

- ColorKing Crayons

- Hole Puncher

- Ribbon (colorful ribbons work best)

- Canned Soup (emptied, cleaned out, and dried)

- Paper

- Hot Glue Gun

Step 2

- Squeeze a thin line of glue directly onto the outside surface of the soup can.

- Immediately place one ColorKing crayon over glue.

Step 3

- Continue until the entire surface of the soup can is covered.

Step 4

- Write a thoughtful message! Thank your teacher for all the work he or she has done!

- Punch a hole through the top of your note.

- Tie a string around the can and through your note.

- Add Sugar Rush Candy Scented Highlighters for a sweet touch!

Give to your favorite teacher!