DIY Holiday Gift Wrap Ideas!

A gift is more than what's inside; it's about the presentation! It's about the feeling you get when you receive a present, packaged so beautifully you can't wait to see what's inside. And that's the essence of the holiday season! The joy and care of giving something special - from one person to another.

Share the joy and magic of the season! Create your very own, unique, one-of-a-kind gift wrap.

Craft you very own: Gift Wrap Print, adorable Reindeer Wrap, or personalized Holiday Gift Tag.

You Will Need:

- Scentos Scented Chisel Tip Markers

- Sugar Rush Gel Pens (of your choice)

- Scentos Banana Scented No. 2 Pencils

- White Printing Paper

- Gift Box

- Twine

- Hole Puncher

- Scissors

- Tape

- Brown Kraft Paper

Reindeer Gift Wrapping

- Wrap your gift box with brown kraft paper

- Draw a triangular shaped nose using a red Scentos Scented Chisel Tip Markers and cut out.

- Draw two circles for the eyes and create the pupil using a black marker and cut out.

- Draw two rounded uppercase "L's" in brown. This will be the base point for your antlers. From there you will draw 3-4 lines stemming from the "L" shapes. Remember, they don't have to be perfect. Think of it as a tree branch -- no two are the same. Cut out when complete.

- Fold one rectangular paper in half -- the paper should be about 2 inches in width. Cut out two small and rounded "L" shapes for the ears. I used scraps from the gift wrapping.

- Now it's time to glue on our very sweet and lovely reindeer's face!

Gift Wrap Print

- Choose between 4-5 simple holiday drawing. I created 3 different versions of pine trees, including triangular shaped, curved edges, stick figures and more. I also including leaves. Each varying in color. I stuck to between 4-5 colors, using a mix between Sugar Rush Candy Scented Metallic Gel Pens and Sugar Rush Candy Scented Glitter Gel Pens.

- Leave a 1 inch gap between each drawing. Fill in the gaps with one silver snowflake (I drew an asterisk to represent this) using a silver gel pen.

- Continue until the wrapping paper is completely filled.

- I included 3 Sugar Rush Candy Scented Gel Pens gel pens to accent the gift. Wrap your twine around the gel pens 3 times, finishing with a bow.

Holiday Gift Tag

Of course, I saved the best for last. (At least in my opinion!) This DIY Christmas wrap packs a one-two punch. Get it done in no time while impressing everyone with your craftsmanship -- You Welcome!

- Draw one large circle, that just about fills the height of your gift, on white printing paper.

- Write a holiday message using a pencil. Once your satisfied with you work, retrace your letter with a black Scentos Scented Chisel Tip Markers marker.

- Cut the circle out and use your hole puncher to create a hole at the top.

- Wrap your twine around the width of the box 3 times and knot in the back.

- Wrap your twine around the height of the box 2 time. Work the twine through your gift tag on the 3rd wrap. Knot in the back.

- Easy and simple never looked more beautiful!

Happy Holidays!