Tackle the Holidays Head-On!

Everyone thinks they have plenty of time to get their holiday shopping done - until they don’t. Why fight your way through a crowded mall to find out your kid’s must-have toy sold out two weeks ago? Which brings me to my first point:

Skip the mad scramble!

Shop online from the comfort of your home and avoid holiday shopping stress. Ordering early means this year’s “hot” item gifts are fully stocked and available for your choosing. It also means presents will arrive to your door, on time!

Not sure what to get? We can help.

While you’re at, why not have your gifts arrive wrapped and ready to go? Just purchase by December 14 to guarantee ground shipping (didn’t I tell you shopping early had its perks?)

Stick to your holiday shopping budget!

Last minute shopping is a recipe for high stress. This also means you’re more likely to take it out on your credit card, making quicker and more impulsive purchases, to get all your holiday shopping done in time.

Spreading out purchases also means less debt on your credit cards. Thoughtful spending not only provides you with the time to pay off purchases as you go, but it also means having the time to purchase what you really want!

Sales, Sales, Sales!

While we’re on the budget topic, did I mention Scentos has great deals this holiday season?

Including 25% off all online products starting Black Friday through Thanksgiving weekend AND 25% off all online products on Cyber Monday.

And between you and me, it won’t end there! Check out www.scentos.com daily for more deals to come.

Enjoy the holidays!

We know the holiday season can be hectic. There’s lots on your “to do” list, from last minute errands, setting up holiday décor, cleaning the house to you mother-in-law’s satisfaction – you deserve to check off holiday shopping from your “to do” list.

Getting your shopping done early means giving yourself the time to be present and enjoy the holidays with your family. Would you rather be wrapped in a warm blanket, cuddling with your loved ones, maybe even sipping on hot coco by the fireplace, enjoying the holiday season - or thinking about a million-and-one things that still needs to get done.

We know you’ve been good all year! Make it a December to remember!