Chalk-A-Doos Sidewalk Chalk and Holder

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Go outside and get creative with Chalk-A-Doos colorful chalk! All the fun and play, without all the mess. Our chalk holders make it easy to hold and difficult to break!

Brighten up sidewalks, pavement and concrete with Chalk-A-Doos vibrant colors. Write a message to a friend, draw your favorite cartoon, or “chalk up” a hopscotch game with your pals! And when you’re all out of chalk, simply refill your chalk holder with another bright and brilliant Scentos chalk stick! Our Chalk-A-Doos Sidewalk Chalk Holders is reusable so that playtime doesn’t have to come to an end!

Set includes 5 Chalk Sticks and 1 Sidewalk Chalk Holder. Chalk sticks are available in yellow, red, orange, green and blue.