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Learn to Draw

Who says there’s only one way to color? We prefer to think outside the box and play around with different coloring techniques. Take colored pencils, for example, there are a multitude of ways to create dynamic works of art just by holding the pencils at a different angle or applying more pressure. Depending on what you’re trying to create, we’ve listed out our favorite shading and blending techniques to enhance your coloring pages. Try them out for yourself with our fruit scented pencilscandy scented pencilsessential oil scented pencils, or classic unscented.

#1 Bright Color

Create intense blocks of color by applying pressure to your colored pencils.


#2 Shading

Hold the pencil at an angle and press down lightly. You’ll see the texture of the paper but the individual strokes will be invisible. You can apply layers of color to create a brighter color.



#3 Blending

Blending can give you two different effects with one technique. Use two different colors and overlap them to widen the range of colors you can use in your coloring pages. Bonus: This can also create depth.




#4 Hatching & Cross-Hatching 

Great for creating texture, draw many lines that are parallel. Overlap colors repeatedly to create brighter color.




#5 Light to Dark

To start use two colors (we suggest using two complementary colors) or a lighter and darker shade of the same color. From there, begin coloring with the lighter shade and finish with the darker to create depth.


light to dark