The Original Gift Set - 157 Piece


This 157 piece bundle includes a variety of stationery great for boys ages 3+.

Perfect for keeping them busy, while having fun! Kids will have their imagination running wild with Scentos bright colors, fruity aromas, and funny Scentos character faces. Scents include strawberry, green apple, blueberry, watermelon, and more!

ColorKing 64-pack crayon set offers oodles of bright and bold colors, sure to bring life and pizzazz to any page! While you’re at it, kick it up a few notches with ColorScents Scented Colored Pencils Energy Boost. Are you a new, young budding artist? Fix, rework, and recreate artwork with Color Spot’s fun multicolored swirly erasers. That’s just the tip of the iceberg!

This bundle provides kids with all the tools they need to create, remake, erase, draw, color, write, and more! The possibilities are endless with over a total of over 155 pieces. It is truly a gift that keeps on giving! Great for school or at home. Give a gift that’s sure to inspire.


-          1 – Scentos Scented Fine Line Markers (30)

-          1- ColorScents Scented Colored Pencils - Energy Boost (12)

-          1 – Color Spot swirl twist erasers (6)

-          1 – Scentos Scented No. 2 Pencils (12)

-          1 – ColorKing Crayons (64)

-          1 – Scentos gel pens (8)

-          1 - Scentos Scented Doodle Posters (10)

-          1 – Scentos Scented Dough Cool Tools (15)